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28 December 2009 @ 23:00
Merlin crafts  
Now that Christmas is over, I can finally share my recent geeky crafts! Being as they were for loopstagirl, I couldn't really show them before because it would have ruined the suprise! ;)

As a fellow Geek and the most Merlin-obsessed person I know, I thought I'd do something a little different for her Christmas pressie. I've been wanting to make a plushie for a while, so this provided the perfect opportunity! I made the pattern myself, which was a bit experimental, but I got there in the end! I made the front and back separately then sewed them both together and stuffed (I think this is called a 'pancake' plushie...?). Because it was completely hand-sewn (and anyone who knows me will know how slow I am at sewing without my machine!), it took a very long time, but it was definitely worth it for the look on loopstagirl's face when she opened him! :) Maybe Arthur will follow for her birthday...

Merlin & dragon    Merlin at Camelot    Merlin & dragon

Merlin needed something to live in so I created a special Merlin-themed stocking! Moohey! I found a picture of the Pendragon dragon and drew a simplified version of it. I cut this out of yellow felt and glued it onto a store-bought Xmas stocking. The glue holds it together pretty well, though I guess you could sew it on if you wanted. I'd never really thought about personalising stockings before, but as this one turned out quite well in the end, I might do it again next Christmas! TARDIS stocking, here I come! ;)

Pendragon stocking    Pendragon



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Pillmaykeñ: Merlin/Arthur: My squishypillmayken on 29th December 2009 01:04 (UTC)
(Here via geekcrafts)
OMG, these are amazing! Merlin!Plushie is most adorable, and both he and the stocking look really good. And LOL at Slash Dragon's cameo. :D
pirate_moose: Merlin & Arthurpirate_moose on 29th December 2009 16:46 (UTC)
Re: (Here via geekcrafts)
Thanks! Haha, you've got to love the Slash Dragon! :)
the girl and the robot: puck & quinn - all smilesluminaire on 29th December 2009 01:46 (UTC)
Most amazing gift EVER. I am jealous of your friend. :P Merlin and the stocking are so precious, I love it! ♥
pirate_moose: Rachel Gleepirate_moose on 29th December 2009 16:48 (UTC)
Thank you!

Icon love, btw! :)
The Empress of Ice Cream: doofusslyviolet on 29th December 2009 02:07 (UTC)
(here from craftalot) A TARDIS stocking would be the best, because it would be bigger on the inside and could therefore hold a LOT more stuffers!!
Antjedieastra on 29th December 2009 08:56 (UTC)
Haha true!
Christine D.snowflakie06 on 29th December 2009 04:34 (UTC)
Awww Merlin's so adorable! :D
Antjedieastra on 29th December 2009 08:57 (UTC)
I don't watch "Merlin" but I think that is a very special and unique Christmas present! It is great to have friends like that.

I once got a selfmade MacGyver kit with knife, bubble gum, paperclip... I squeed so loudly!
Rossellasallyna_smile on 29th December 2009 10:21 (UTC)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww these are way too cuteeee ♥♥
I wish I knew how to make them *_*
pirate_moosepirate_moose on 29th December 2009 16:44 (UTC)
Thanks! :)

I made my own pattern for this, but this tutorial could be quite useful if you wanted to make one: http://lori-la-tortuga.deviantart.com/art/CHIBI-PLUSH-TUTORIAL-101728424

Hope that helps!

Rossellasallyna_smile on 29th December 2009 22:04 (UTC)
I should totally try it out *_*
I'll show you if something pretty comes out [but I doubt it :(]
loopstagirlloopstagirl on 29th December 2009 19:57 (UTC)
oohh, i want it to be my birthday now! They were the best christmas presents EVER, you're such an awesome and talented best friend, i'm lucky to have you! The stocking is hanging on my door and Merlin is standing on my speakers watching me, pride of place! I'll take "the most merlin-obsessed person i know" as a compliment! *biggrin*
Thank you for making christmas so awesome!
pirate_moose: TW Babiezpirate_moose on 29th December 2009 20:09 (UTC)
*blush* Thanks! I'm lucky to have you too - who else would appreciate my extreme geekiness? Lol! ;)

That's alright, I'm glad you liked 'em! Of course it's a compliment - after all, who's the most Torchwood-obsessed person you know? *biggrin* :)

Ali-chan ^^: Merlin - Pudsey in your face!ad_exia on 30th December 2009 06:00 (UTC)
sjfudafouafa THAT IS SO CUTE OMGGG~ <3333
*\(o.o)/*sparksflyout on 30th December 2009 09:21 (UTC)
THIS IS SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE! Love the ickle neckerchief! <3
archaeologist_d: quiltarchaeologist_d on 31st December 2009 00:52 (UTC)
Great job especially the stocking!
pirate_moose: SJpirate_moose on 31st December 2009 13:39 (UTC)
Thank you!